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Meet Jason

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Jason Frenn has held more than 55 international crusades where more than 3 million people have heard the presentation of the Gospel. He has seen more than 300,000 first time decisions for Christ. In addition to being a missionary evangelist, Jason is a bestselling author and has a daily live radio program on Radio Nueva Vida with a listening audience of 500,000 people covering parts of Oregon, all of California, and Northern Mexico. Jason is a dynamic speaker who speaks to English and Spanish audiences. He has spoken on Hour of Power numerous times and is a frequent guest voice for the Washington Post.

Jason Frenn was born in Los Angeles, CA and lived in Southern California until the age of 24.  He and his wife Cindee moved to Costa Rica in 1991.  After dedicating a year to learn Spanish in language school, Jason began preaching Holy Spirit Conferences throughout the country.  At the end of their first term in 1994, they held a crusade in a barrio called Los Cuadros.  It was there that the Lord spoke to them and called them to hold open air crusades in Latin America.

Thousands have received healing and many communities have been greatly impacted by the power of God’s Word! National newspapers, television and radio networks have given their ministry free publicity and coverage. The crusades have been transmitted live via secular radio. Two television networks have aired their crusades, communicating the Gospel to millions of households. Crowds that once averaged 1,000 in attendance are now averaging 10,000 to 15,000 nightly.

Jason’s newest book, The Seven Prayers God Always Answers, is now available. In his writing and speaking, he has a unique approach to ministry and reaching the lost on their turf.  For that reason, close to 50% of the people who attend a crusade are unchurched.  God has uniquely gifted him as an evangelist in communicating the gospel to people who would not normally go into a local church.

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