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The Seven Prayers God Always Answers 

This book is the result of years of Biblical research and over 1,000 interviews on two different continents. It offers something that no other book of its kind can. It will lay out the seven specific prayers God always answers with a definitive yes.

The book also answers such burning questions like:

1. Can prayer change God’s mind?

2. Why don’t we see the miraculous things that we hear about in other countries?

3. If I pray to discover God’s will, will He answer?

4. Are there prayers He is always willing to answer by saying “Yes!”?

5. Can I pray about my sex life, my career, or to make more money?

THE SEVEN PRAYERS GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS offers biblical insights into the power of prayer. It is designed to help readers pray and see the results that they pray for.

My desire is that this book completely transforms your life!

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Power to Reinvent Yourself

Power to Reinvent Yourself

Evangelist and author Jason Frenn details six steps accessing Christ’s power to break the chains of destructive patterns that afflict generation after generation. Many families suffer from dysfunction and conflict handed down from one generation to the next, and the cycle repeats itself with greater and greater severity. Parents struggle to keep their families from eroding as they helplessly watch their kids, teenagers, and adult children fall into overwhelming patterns of self-destruction. But there is a power that can set these families free and change their future.

In this book, readers experience the story of the author and his family, and how he was rescued from destruction. Each reader can find the POWER TO REINVENT YOURSELF and obtain a life of significance, success, and victory!

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Breaking The Barriers

Breaking the Barrier's Book Cover

Everyday I see people who are looking for answers, meaningful answers to life’s toughest questions: “Why am I here?” “What am I doing with my life?” “How can I break through?”

As an international speaker I’ve spoken to millions of people, and I’ve asked them, “If you knew you could find the power to break through the barriers in your life, would you?” Almost every one of them answers, “Yes, absolutely yes!” That’s why I’ve written Breaking the Barriers.

In Breaking the Barriers I’ve identified the roadblocks that prevent people from being all they can be, and I’ve detailed the practical process of building a rock-solid foundation for your life, through the three foundational pillars that most people overlook…(more)

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