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  • %b %08 %2024 | Hope City RC, Ridgecrest CA
  • %b %09 %2024 | Hope City RC, Ridgecrest CA
  • %b %17 %2024 | Orange County First Assembly

Tag Archives: Breaking The Barriers Overcoming Adversity


In May of 2004, I was asked to speak at a “Quinceañera,” a coming out party for a fifteen-year old girl in Latin America.  It is a meaningful time spent with loved ones and focuses on the transition from girlhood to womanhood.  In every sense of the word, it is a black-tie event, where the […]

Don’t Give Up!

“I’m sorry, Jason. I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy your book. It’s not saleable.” Those were the words of an acquisitions editor who sent me the letter of decline. At least he took the time to write. Most didn’t. As a matter of fact, most didn’t return my phone calls. Over twenty-four months, […]

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