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Category Archives: Ministry Inspiration

Jason Frenn Hour of Power “What Do You Want Me to do for You?” Pt 3

Jason Frenn concludes his first message on Hour of Power with a televised altar call for people to begin a new life with God.

Over 12,000 People Came to the Bullring in Tijuana

Here are some pictures from the Tijuana outreach we had two days ago (Saturday). Over 12,000 people filled the bullring. I would like to thank you for praying for us and believing in the great commission of reaching people who desperately need God’s help and power. When I gave the altar call for those who […]

An Inspiring Story

Andre was born into a humble family in one of the notorious gang infested neighborhoods in Central America. His house was plagued by alcoholism and family discord. Many nights, Andre’s father would return home inebriated. One evening, he forced Andre and his mother out of the house with a knife — making them sleep on […]

God Is Opening Doors For You!

Friend, I am convinced that God will open doors for you that no one can shut. And when He does, He will expect you to walk through them. Regardless if you need a life-changing miracle or a small window of opportunity, God is willing to help, provided you’re willing to get up and move in […]

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