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An Inspiring Story

Andre was born into a humble family in one of the notorious gang infested neighborhoods in Central America. His house was plagued by alcoholism and family discord. Many nights, Andre’s father would return home inebriated. One evening, he forced Andre and his mother out of the house with a knife — making them sleep on the streets of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. Andre was lost. He was confused. He was filled with rage.

A few months later, Andre stumbled across a large open-air event where we were holding a campaign. As I gave the altar call, one of the ushers named Victor placed his hand on Andre’s shoulder and asked if he’d be willing to pray with him. Andre agreed. That night, Andre began a relationship with Christ that continues today. Several years after that event, Andre came to work full-time for our crusade ministry. His mother and father actively serve the Lord and the yoke of alcoholism was broken!

Don’t think for one moment that your prayers don’t work. Don’t doubt and don’t lose faith! Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Just when you think that all hope is lost, Christ comes with power, to set the captive free!

If you seem to be facing an insurmountable barrier or you know someone who is, consider picking up a copy of my latest book entitled BREAKING THE BARRIERS. It’s filled with faith inspiring stories and the demonstration of God’s power.

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  1. Ernest Bourgeois
    Posted September 12, 2009 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

    The last I spoke with you was in a restaurant in Big Bear CA where you and your mother, Roberta, were living. I was married to your mother’s older sister, Vivian. We had a daughter, Claudine, who is now living in Denver, CO. I am sure you remember her. She recently gave me your online address. I am happy to see you have found your calling in life. I am retired, soon to be 80 years of age and live with my current wife, Denise. We will have been married for 35 years this November and now live in Carefree, AZ (northern part of Phoenix) for the last 6 years. Just wanted to say hello. I believe Claudine will also be contacting you. She has a daughter, Annalise, who will be 5 next month. All of my best to you.

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