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  • %b %30 %2020 | Mount Hope Church Leadership Summit, Lansing MI
  • %b %30 %2020 | Mount Hope Church, Lansing MI
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Category Archives: Inspirational Video

Jason Frenn on Daystar’s Celebration

Jason Frenn Hour of Power No Barrier Is Too Great Pt. 1

Jason shares a powerful story about how the Lord saved a man from jumping off a bridge

Jason Frenn Hour of Power No Barrier Is Too Great Pt.2

Jason shares a wonderful Bible story about the importance of faith.

Tijuana Crusade Altar Call in the Bullring

Jason Frenn Hour of Power “What Do You Want Me to do for You?” Pt 1

Jason Frenn first time appearance on Hour of Power. Robert H. Schuller calls him “one of the great preachers in America”. Hundreds of people began a new life with God as a result of the program.

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